Enter Shikari – A flash flood of colour. RD 16/1/12

Enter Shikari are a band who have become huge by creating a genera of music between alternative metal and drum and bass. Some people say its electronicore but by adding Rou’s poetic, political lyrics, strings and some synth they defiantly can be called unique.

This unique sound has gained them a vast, loyal audience who have eagerly awaited there third studio album. So has it lived up to there high standards?

Many people would have worried the band may have tried to become softer or more mellow but them worries can be cast aside. Its still fast, loud and hard hitting. I think it’s safe to say the guitars have faded and been smothered by a more electric sound but the rock element has not been lost.

However i think the album is not as good as Take to the 

skies and Common dreads. Songs such as Jugganouts and

Sorry your not a winner raise above the songs on Flash food. It is going to get hard for the band to keep up the hype as their sound is copied and becomes less … them.

“how much money is being printed and exchanged, is a good measure of how healthy our society is but I do think I can speak for everyone when I say, we’re sick of this sh*t.” – Lyrics from track 7 “Gandhi Mate, Gandhi”

Yet in saying that, the lyrics still reach out to people, the music can still create a mosh, a dance and the hype. The amount of sound means that you can get lost in your headphones and overall i think if your a fan, you will like A Flash Flood Of Colour



First Aid Kit – The Lions Roar. RD 23/1/12

First Aid Kit are a Swedish folk duo. The Lions Roar is the sisters third album if you count there 2008 EP drunken trees.

The Lions Roar is an amazing album that cuts right to the soul. The duo are amazing vocalists and their previous albums have been lead by lead singer Klara’s voice, in this new album the vocals softly combine with the music, making beautiful harmonics.

This is an album in which you can sit down and listen to over and over again, you soon know what to expect from each song and none of the tracks disappoint.

“It always takes me by surprise how dark it gets this time of the year. And how apparent it all becomes that you’re not close, not even near”

This album is not daring or revolutionary, it is a simple folk album but as simple harmonic folk albums go this is near perfect. Buy this album, relax, close your eyes and listen. 


The premier league pulls back the stars.

Last week saw some of the premierships greatest players come back with a bang. Thierry Henry eventually made his return to Arsenal and it was like he had never been away. Scholes returned to save a less then average Man U midfield from collapse and Robbie Keane has finally gone on loan to the club hes been linked to his whole career.

Scholes and Henry proved that their still capable to do the business at the top. Henry burst back on the English scene with a typical Henry goal in the FA cup and Scholes didn’t score an edge of the box screamer but he did sneak in an important first half goal against Bolton.

It wasn’t all so simple for the Prem league legends, Robbie Keane had a unproductive 10 minuets against Everton, Scholes looked clumsy in his fist game back against bitter rivals City and Henry was on the loosing side of Arsnels away trip to the Swans.

However they did bring some passion back into the game, Thierry’s utter jubilation at scoring the winner at the Emirates showed his love for the club who recently uncovered a bronze statue of the man. Keane’s introduction raised a miserable Villa crowd who have not had to much to cheer this season and Paul Scholes’s coming out of retirement for Unt was warmly greeted by the crowd.

 Theirs always a place for the best in the Premier league.


Jake, a university student studying at Falmouth university. Born and spent the best part of 19 years in Telford, Shropshire before makeing the 200 hundred and something mile trip into the south west. A sporty, wordy, musical person who goes to a music festival every summer and Villa park a couple of times a year.