First Aid Kit – The Lions Roar. RD 23/1/12

First Aid Kit are a Swedish folk duo. The Lions Roar is the sisters third album if you count there 2008 EP drunken trees.

The Lions Roar is an amazing album that cuts right to the soul. The duo are amazing vocalists and their previous albums have been lead by lead singer Klara’s voice, in this new album the vocals softly combine with the music, making beautiful harmonics.

This is an album in which you can sit down and listen to over and over again, you soon know what to expect from each song and none of the tracks disappoint.

“It always takes me by surprise how dark it gets this time of the year. And how apparent it all becomes that you’re not close, not even near”

This album is not daring or revolutionary, it is a simple folk album but as simple harmonic folk albums go this is near perfect. Buy this album, relax, close your eyes and listen. 



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