Yes Sir Boss live at Gylly

Gylly beach cafe was the venue for Bristol based band, Yes Sir Boss, on the 12th of March. Their music is quirky, with complex riffs and horn based rhythm. The band have recently been signed to Joss Stones Stoned records and are thought to be on the rise in the music world.

They were the first band in Falmouth I paid to go and see but it was also on a Monday night so I wasn’t expecting the crowd to go as wild as previous nights. Yes Sir Boss are also the first band that I had heard music from before I went to see them so I knew a little of what to expect.

The venue was hot and stuffy but the warm up act did well to get the crowd interested. It was around half 9 when Yes Sir Boss made it on stage and they went straight in with one of their jazzy up beat records. Out  of all the bands I have seen down in Falmouth it showed that Yes Sir Boss are the most professional, their crisp, eloquently executed music was definitely that of a signed band.

The crowd wasn’t exactly bouncing up and down but they were definitely dancing and having a good time. Lead singer Matt Sellors was bantering with the crowd and applauding, the atmosphere was fun and quirky. After the show lead singer Matt said: “Its a Monday night, everyone had already turned up and were up for it, it didn’t really go mental but what do you expect on a Monday night, we didn’t go mental either.”

He also agreed that Falmouth was a destination they didnt visit often enough “I think we should play down here more often as every time we do a gig down here its always so well received, everyone loves us and the crowds are brilliant, they make us feel happy”.

He gave the Falmouth Crowd another 10/10 but highlighted it was only 10/10 for a Monday night (so I don’t know if we can add that to the tally). If you missed Yes Sir Boss they are playing at many, many festivals this summer, just keep track of their tour dates.

Tom First and Jehan Abdel-Malak on the horns

Lead Singer Matt Sellors

Falmouth crowds get 10/10 rating from bands.

The Kings head pub in Falmouth has been the venue for some high energy rock music in the last few weeks. Black Friday, a fast tempo folk band and Land of Giants a rock, ska band have both got the inconspicuous pub jumping and both rated the packed crowd 10 out of 10.

Black Friday who played at the venue on the 17th of February got everyone dancing to their upbeat Irish sound. Lead singer Tom O’Reilly said they play in Falmouth regularly “We play down here quite often really, once a month”. Tom went on to say that the night had been “Very busy, great fun” and the crowd had “been brilliant, 10 out of 10.”

Land of the Giants came two weeks later on the 2nd of March. Despite a slow start the crowd was literally jumping to touch the celling and dancing with the brass players who jumped into the packed dance floor. Lead guitarist Sam said that it had been “The best gig we’ve done in a while basically” and the drummer said “I’d give this 10 out of 10 … the crowd here were amazing tonight.”

If Falmouth starts building a reputation as a thriving, energetic town then more and more bands will want to come and perform, more well-known artists may venture down to the south west. Land of Giants said the night had been “Good fun, really good fun”. Even two of the Kings head’s bartenders were jumping at the front of the crowd, if there are more nights like that bands will surely want to come and perform.

You will be able to see Black Friday in Finn Mcouls, Falmouth on the 16th and Land of the Giants are playing in several festivals around the south west this summer including Bristol fest, Volksfest in Plymouth, Shambala and Super Cardiff party.