Land of the Giants self named EP

Land of the Giants are a band I have previously written about after seeing them Live in the Kings Head pub, Falmouth. I gave them a raving review as they created such an energetic, fun and warm atmosphere. The band have trumpets, trombones , guitar solos and fun lyrics that combine to make a lively sound.

I have always thought that trumpets and guitar solos make a good, full sound live but converting that sound to disk is hard. I think the Land of the Giants have fallen into this problem, the brass instruments sound too subdued and you can pick out the repetitive nature of their tunes. As for the solos, they have been dropped completely but many modern day bands leave guitar solos for the live stage these days.

However the EP still manages to capture the emotion and energy of their live performances; the sound is still up-beat and makes you jig about to the music. Lead singer, Andrew Wonderwick Quick’s vocals are impressive and give a gravelly edge to the free-flowing music.

Land of the giants picture tacken from

” I didn’t come in a fancy car, it was a Ford Fiesta” – Lyrics from track one “Best days”

All in all, for a first EP the band have done a good job. With some fine tuning and a slightly more complex brass section, Land of the Giants are well on their way to a good album. After I saw this band live I had high expectations of their EP but unfortunately it does not live up to the standards they set in their live performance. That it is not to say this EP is bad, it shows the band could definitely be on their way to bigger things.


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