Small town Dub

Falmouth, a small sea side town on the banks of an estuary. It has a picturesque beach that sits on one side of town while a cobbled street of shops and restaurants winds down the other. Not a place you would think would have a booming dub-step scene then.

Yet constantly speakers in clubs and pubs rattle to the unmistakable sound of dub-step bass week after week. If there is no Jungle, drum n bass, dub-step DJ playing at the rugby club then you can bet your last pennies that there will be one down the other end of town in Waterman’s.  Other Falmouth clubs/bars such as Underground and Q bar are not scared to test the capability of the plaster on the walls with the occasional dub mix.

The dub-step scene down in little, old Falmouth is bigger than that of my home town and of the towns and cities of many people who I have spoke to. Is it the fact that Falmouth is a student town and dub-step is one of the sounds of the current uni goer’s generation? Is it just because Falmouth or the south west in general has embraced the music more than others?

I know there is a lot of people, a lot of music lovers who do not like the racket that dub-step makes but I think I can speak for even them when I say its much better than your general nightclub pop-dance shit.


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