Cryptocracy by Huoratron. RD 24/4/2012

A fierce, fast moving, bass pounding ear barrage which fly’s retro into the modern times on a rocket fuelled by ecstasy and driven by a futuristic lunatic; this is Cryptocracy.

There I was thinking that I could put a random new release album on in the background while I do some work, I thought wrong. After listening to the first 30 seconds of track one I had gritted my teeth and was bobbing, moving and dancing in my seat. My eyes had unfocused from the laptop as I got dragged ear first into an album I wouldn’t be spat out of until it abruptly closed its fiery gates.

Aku (Huoratron) Raski has truly made his best raw electronic dance music yet. The bushy berded producer has held raw electronica in one hand, a techno, dub step cocktail with a hint of dark madness in the other and slapped them down onto a deck.

Their are many people who will not like this album, their are many people who do not like this kind of music, dare I say there may have been a time where I would not have given it the time a day. My hype will not be shared by all who read this but for those who do, be prepared.

Turn your speakers to 100 and try to keep hold of your sanity because this album will attempt to prize your electronic beast from within using distorted bass lines, echoing rhythms and uncontrollable sounds.

Readers please correct me if you think I’m being over the top, I may just be riding my own hype but in my opinion this album is a monster!