The Olympic torch, does anyone actually care?

On Saturday May 5th the Olympic torch travelled from Penzance, where it started its journey across England, to Plymouth.  But did anyone really care? Does it have any effect on anything?

Most of the people in Falmouth thought not, some did not even know it was coming and others thought that there is much more important things people in the town should be focusing on.

Local resident Roger Newbury said “I think when people are losing their jobs, when a hotel has burnt down, there are much more important things going on.”

Falmouth really embraced the occasion with flags, market stalls, play areas and brass bands. The town was defiantly ready for the large crowd which gathered there.

But it seems people left slightly disappointed by the event. People were so hyped up that they forgot that the day was just for a man, with a touch, running through town.

Falmouth student Lizzy Barnes, 19 said “We were a bit confused; we thought the touch had already passed but, we didn’t know what was going on.”

I was working in a shop on the day and the effect on business was not as major as people expected. Before the touch came and while it was going through the streets the shop was dead. After the torch had passed there was a rush of people but that only lasted for a few hours.

Overall the day went smoothly from the organisers point of view, the weather was sunny and the crowds came out. However there were plenty of people who didn’t care about the event and the people who did, went away slightly disappointed.

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