Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes. RD 1/10/2012

What is Flying Lotus, a question that sounds strange when you have no context or knowledge of what or who Flying Lotus is. The question remains quizzical even when you are familiar with the Flying Lotus to which I refer. If Flying Lotus is a who, then that name is connected to LA born DJ Steven Ellison. A multi-talented Musician and producer known as FlyLo to his fans. However if Flying Lotus is a what, then it is the art FlyLo creates, something that can only be described as … A Flying Lotus.

If you were to ask fans of Flying Lotus “What is Flying Lotus” they would only smile. Language does not really describe it. That is why the question is so strange even when given context. The only description a fan could give you is by giving you a seat, telling you to sit back and letting the Flying Lotus escape.

ImageBeing this a review I suppose I should  attempt to use the words in which we use to communicate to try and describe FlyLo’s latest release: Until the Quiet Comes.

Many people would say Flying Lotus is music, I guess I can go along with that. Flying Lotus has a beat, it sometimes has lyrics and it exists entirely of sound. By that definition, Flying Lotus is a piece of music. Although even that can be up for contention.

So seeing as what I am to describe can be called music then the next stage in depicting Until the Quiet Comes would be to describe it as a piece of music. But I do not see that to be possible, the word “music” has too many barriers connected to it.

Too many people would read the word “music” and add expectations, stereotypes if you will. So a better format to encompass Flying Lotus in for analysis would be as the vibrations simply known as sound.

So, what sound is Until the Quiet Comes?

–          Relaxing

–          Peaceful

–          Simplistic

–          Complex

–          Beautiful

–          Pleasing

–          Mesmerising

–          Indescribable

This is all.