Hello my friends.

I am a 22 year old journalism graduate who specializes in music and entertainment. I graduated from Falmouth University in 2014 with a 2.1.

I have tried to cover many styles and  formats since delving into the world of  journalism, creating: skate videos, surf podcasts, video interviews, satirical news broadcasts and InDesign spreads to name but a few. I have wrote formal news stories, satirical news stories, gonzo journalism festival and music reviews and B2B pieces in online and printed styles.

I have always been a music lover and early on in university I decided to concentrate on music journalism. I have based many university module  projects around my passion for music such as creating an electro music zine for a Radical and Participatory journalism module. The zine was hand written and fit inside of a paper record sleeve with the zine title “Get Lost” on the front. For an unknown reason i did not print any copies for me to keep but all the music reviews are on a blog I created while gathering the content for the physical copy.  I also have wrote music pieces for sections of magazine concepts I and other students collaborated on . For an alternative lifestyle and tattoo magazine “Infra” I designed and wrote pages 14 -19. For a Cornish surf, skate, music magazine project we named Coast Sound, I and another student did, I also got to write and design music features and reviews.

I have also written in formal styles gaining experience at the Shropshire star where I had stories published in the main publication, its sister publications and online. I have also written essays, B2B stories and a dissertation on music streaming.

Travel has always been something I have wished to experience and this is what I currently find myself doing. I am currently based in Valencia with real ambition the explore Europe further.

Jake Arthur Garrett

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