Big no no for ding dong

The BBC will not play Ding dong the witch is dead in full on the radio 1 chart show despite at one point the song being at number one.

The song from the Wizard of Oz will not feature on BBC radio 1’s weekly chart show as they say it is “distasteful” and “inappropriate”. Some people believe the decision has been taken because of the corporations pro Thatcher views, others say because it is scared of controversy, however I believe in a different theory.

Ding dong the witch is dead is a song composed from brass and stringed instruments, it is music that takes a group of talented artists to perform and pull off. The song is also a happy, upbeat, joyous song, a song that hopes to put a smile on your face. Radio 1 has not played music of the sort in years, decades maybe. The music featured on the popular radio station is music that could be created by child repeatedly beating a sound board with its rattle. You can listen to the station all day and hear a combined four instruments used across every song; if Ding dong the witch is dead is played with its small orchestra of musicians, the young listeners heads may implode with the shear amount of sounds entering their small ears.

The lyrics in Ding dong the witch is dead are not about an unreachable level of emotion felt for the opposite sex or the amount of gold chains and “hoes” an artist has obtained. These are the only two lyrical subjects aloud of Radio 1 so it comes as no surprise that playing the song would be controversial.

Forget the song being “distasteful” or the BBC’s political views, it is simply a decision made on a musical level.

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