New fat app to revolutionize exercise

Is there anything smart phones can’t do? They allows us to Stream films and programs in minutes, see maps that span the planet, and socialize in a hundred different ways.

Now researchers and specialists say that technology may conquer one our biggest enemy’s, obesity. In the UK the majority of people are considered overweight or obese, 61.3% of adults and 30% of children aged between 2 and 15.

However I’m told all this will change: research’s and obesity specialists say that proven ways of keeping fit such as movement and not eating fast food three or four times a day are unnecessary, thanks to technology.

Yes that’s right, the why try harder because we can make something to do it for us, attitude has won again. With a new app for smart phones, being overweight or obese will be a thing of the past.

The app works by … taking photographs of what we eat (I’m being serious).

Apparently we will stop eating bad food if we look at pictures of us eating that bad food. (I’m still being serious). British doctors came up with idea to promote “food memory” because people often forget what they have just eaten. (Yes I know but they’re doctors, why would they lie?)

The creators of the app hope that it will make people eat more healthily, by eating more fruit for example.  University of Liverpool investigator Eric Robinson said: “Raising awareness of eating and weight loss achieved suggest this approach could be fruitful.” (Yes, he really said that.)

Rumour has it many similar apps are already being created. Not only will we have a App that takes pictures of your food so you lose weight but we will also have apps that will sniff alcohol to stop us drinking, and another that makes our phones physically slap us in the face when we think of committing adultery.

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