Singing in the gallery as New Zealand turns Gay

When the speaker announced that the amendments to the gay rights act had passed their was hugging, singing, flowers and lots of other really gay stuff.

The act made New Zealand the 13th nation to go soft and legalize gay marriage but only the first nation in the Asia-Pacific to lose their heads and do something to anger the grate lord above.

Other countries that have legalised gay marriage are Canada, Uruguay, South Africa and Spain. Don’t these people know that their countries will be destroyed by the wrath of God? Don’t they know that these countries are now in the grips of the devil (who by the way is really Gay himself).

This unforgivable decision may pressure other countries in the Asian-Pacific, including their neighbours Australia. The Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is a good, morally right person who strongly opposes same-sex marriage. God has already thanked her nation by making a big invisible hole in the sky making it easier for Aussies to go to heaven.

The song that first the public gallery and then some politicians broke into was the Maori love song “Pokarekare Ana”, yes a song of love sang in tongue unassociated to the countries of christianity, it was like the sound was crawling from the lips of the devil himself.

The new legislation won’t go into effect until August, it will allow same-sex couples to adopt children and allow their marriages to be recognized in other countries. These countries will then be able to view the “Couple” the same way many countries  view middle eastern infidels.

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