Stripper wanted Marsh first

Katie Price’s long-time rival to be the worst woman alive, Jodie Marsh, has squealed that the most recent man Price has used to attack the principles of married wanted a shag off her first, explaining that he pursued her for seven months.

The model/ television pest turned bodybuilder made the allegations following Price’s marriage to the stripper Kieran Hayler earlier this year.

34 year old Price and 25 year old Hayler reportedly got married because they both have the same amount of self-respect as a man who would openly steal from a dying leper.

The allegations that he chased Marsh first have not only confirmed that Price’s latest hubby is blind but also that he would have taken any worn out ex-glamor model with a body so used up by plastic surgery and fake tan that it has no relation to that of a normal humans.

The two got married early this year at a small, sweet wedding in the Bahamas. It consisted of only a beach, six guests and Prices boob popping out when she threw the bouquet.

Any of you worried that the marriage won’t lastshould be codenamed to hell … but in hell you shouldn’t worry as Jordan told The Sun: “A medium said the man I’d marry was called Kevin. Kieran’s name is close to Kevin and it all became clear”.

Yes that’s right, she married a man because his name was similar but completely different to a name of a man that a psychic said she would marry. Take comfort in that.

These allegations continue a career long feud between the two ex-models, it is estimated by this reporter that it will end in ten or so years when Jodie will look so much like a man that Jordan will mistake her for one and marry her.

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