UK could do three way

A recent poll had reviled that the UK is split right down the middle when it comes to opinions on the UK staying in the EU.

The poll by Survation, asked: “Do you think the UK should remain a member of the EU?” 44% of people said Yes, 45% said No and 11% couldn’t care less.

The majority of people who voted no said their main reason for doing so was because they want the UK to have greater boarder and immigration control.

The poll relates to the David Cameron’s promised referendum in 2017. If people’s opinions stay the same it will mean in 2017, whatever the outcome, one half the country will be pissed off. However I have an idea, the government can split the UK into two. The west of Britain can become EUUK, this side can have a strong trading network, people will be able travel around Europe easily and loose half their money to the euro.  The east can become UKKK, this is where people will dance around May poles, were flat caps and line the edge of the coast with missile launchers. The west will have an intelligent multinational leader who knows many languages, the east can have Nigel Farage.

If Scotland vote in favour for their independents in 2014, the UK could be split three ways: The EUUK, the UKKK and Scotland, however the U would then stand for Un-united. I can only see two ways that this may effect British citizens; 1. You may need to get a passport to get to work. 2. Our respective nation’s would do terribly at the Olympics.

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