The premier league pulls back the stars.

Last week saw some of the premierships greatest players come back with a bang. Thierry Henry eventually made his return to Arsenal and it was like he had never been away. Scholes returned to save a less then average Man U midfield from collapse and Robbie Keane has finally gone on loan to the club hes been linked to his whole career.

Scholes and Henry proved that their still capable to do the business at the top. Henry burst back on the English scene with a typical Henry goal in the FA cup and Scholes didn’t score an edge of the box screamer but he did sneak in an important first half goal against Bolton.

It wasn’t all so simple for the Prem league legends, Robbie Keane had a unproductive 10 minuets against Everton, Scholes looked clumsy in his fist game back against bitter rivals City and Henry was on the loosing side of Arsnels away trip to the Swans.

However they did bring some passion back into the game, Thierry’s utter jubilation at scoring the winner at the Emirates showed his love for the club who recently uncovered a bronze statue of the man. Keane’s introduction raised a miserable Villa crowd who have not had to much to cheer this season and Paul Scholes’s coming out of retirement for Unt was warmly greeted by the crowd.

 Theirs always a place for the best in the Premier league.