Coast Sound Magazine

Coast Sound was a magazine concept myself and another student created for a Negotiated Portfolio module.


The Coast Sound logo

The Coast Sound logo

–          Cornwall based and is aimed at a Cornwall based audience whist also appealing to other demographics.  – Our features and reviews on: Surfing locations, Skating locations, The Masked Ball festival are all in Cornwall and the people we asked for in our What if? Section will be asked within Cornwall. – Surfers, skaters and music lovers/ musicians across the country will also been interested in our content. – The only non-Cornish element of the magazine will be the music reviews and interviews which are purely chosen on their appeal to the communities and interests of our skater, surfer demographic.

–          Falmouth has heavily influenced the ideas and aims of the magazine, its people and atmosphere have  inspired our choice to make a quirky, youthful and colorful publication which is heavy on visuals. Our target age is between 15 and 25, young, outgoing, passionate people who live in Cornwall and share a relaxed and somewhat underground culture.

–          The design for the magazine is vibrant yet simple, we want to use a vivid palate and quirky aesthetic. Simple section layout for surfing, skating and music with section significant ads but a flowing house style throughout.

–          We want the magazine to be entertaining and quirky but we also want to the magazine to be informative and useful to the audience. Within the magazine there are 10 under 50 word mini album reviews, one large 1000 word album review, one 500-750 word comedy review, one 1000-1300 music QnA one 600-1000 word music feature, two 600 – 1000 word location reviews for surfing and skating, one 500-750 word news story, two 500-750 word festival reviews and one 300-500 word quirky character feature.

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