Mini Music Reviews

Mac de Marco – Salad Days

Time to get a little less serious and chill out with a smile. American white trash Rock ‘n Roll that digs into its own stereotype and sounds pretty good whilst doing so. Put on some shades, do something you’re not meant to and listen to Salad Days.

Beck – Morning Phase

Becks back! But a bit boring. Favourite among lovers of the more obscure sounds in music but now Beck’s gone a little bland. Violins and mellow acoustic riffs anchor a heavy album that could pass you by or pull at your heart (depending on your mood).

Bleeding Rainbow – Interrupt

Childish punk that you can actually listen to. Simple sounds with a good energy satisfying that punky itch. Every so often there is a rock album made by people just playing good music. This is one of them.

Real Estate – Allas

Nice, easy, chilled sound with very Ian Brown sounding vocals, perfect to sit on the beach and listen to. Drifting through this album is as easy and lazy as strumming the light guitar chords that make this such a feel free album.

Chinese Man Records – The Groove Sessions vol 3

Jazzy, catchy rap straight out of jam sessions. The upbeat mix of vibes, sounds and voices gives a modern cover to a retro backdrop. There is always so much going on that your concentration is held throughout, there’s a song for just about everyone on this album.

Spread Design for the mini music review section

Spread Design for the mini music review section

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