Dimitri From Tokyo – French Affair/ Sfunky


Disco, just disco.

The new two track EP by unstoppable DJ Damitri from Tokyo combines the jazz of the 50’s with the Disco of the 70’s to make something … modern?

Side A is the edit of Donna Summer’s 1976 ‘Spring Affair’. Dimitri enhances the jazzy, funky music that is undeniably 70’s disco and keeps very true to the original. The funky guitar grooves are at the forefront of the song and this edit is all together more catchy.

On the B side is ‘Sfunky’ an edit of Moodymann’s ‘Shades Of Jae’ who sourced the music from Bob James’ ‘Spunky‘. Damitri combines both versions while putting a harder bassier beat behind the brilliant jazzy keyboard and dipping gently into different funky sounds.

It would be wrong to call these two songs remixes, Dimitri From Tokyo is simply throwing two Disco tunes back onto the dance floor.

Dimitri From Tokyo – French Affair/ Sfunky

April 22nd

Disco Deviance

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