James Blake – Overgrown (Not here)


So I was really looking forward to writing a review of James Blake’s new full length LP Overgrown on this here electro music blog but half way through giving it a first listen, it dawned on me, this is not electro music.

Now I know everything James Blake has made has been on that boarder between singer songwriter and deep, experimental electronic  music but this new album has strayed ever so slightly to much to the former for me to write a review on it. I am not saying the album is bad by any means, I enjoyed much of its content, especially the single release Retrograde, it is a wonderful singer songwriter LP. I think what swayed it for me was how his voice and piano playing in many of the tracks is simply supported by deep ripples of that experimental sound. Their are certain tracks, Voyeur, Life goes round and maybe Overgrown that I would happily review as electro music but that music is not enough of a prominent player for the album to settle in that space.

I have listened to this album several times through to come to this conclusion and I’m still not too happy with it but it’s what I’m going with. A  beautiful, confused album.

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