Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – The Perfect Blues (Remixes)

Two Brilliant remixes that take two completely different approaches to a gentle piece of work by Jesse Boykins III.

On the B side is the Jacques Greene Remix. This remix stays closely in touch with the original, Jacques adds the layers of a deep simple beat, enhancing the elements and sounds in the song and adding a tweeting keyboard that surfs across the surface and combines well with the layers of vocals that made up the original record.

The A side has the Machinedrum remix. Now this is the remix that takes the track above and beyond the original. He speeds it up and adds a high, short, sharp drum roll and an equally snappy piano to bring the track to life. When the drop to the chorus comes a  bouncy bass and a deep synth further enhance the original vocals.

Both of these remixes succeed in enhancing Jesse Boykins III’s perfect blues. They both add depth but keep the vocals at the forefront of the song.

Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – The Perfect Blues (Remixes)

 January 28th

 Ninja Tune

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