Kavinsky – OutRun

Setting: 80′s depiction of futuristic earth. Story: Cool, Sunglasses wearing hero fights inner city evil with guns and car chases. Soundtrack: Kavinsky – OutRun.

This is probably going to be the coolest  album you will hear all year, a fast paced soundtrack to an awesome dream, a dream that has it ups, has its downs but ultimately you kick ass in.

The Biggest achievement on Kavinsky’s part is the fact the album is exactly what he set out to make it. Nightcall which is included in the album despite being released in 2010, featured in the film Drive which it fit in like the film was written around it. Kavinsky has made this album the soundtrack of an unwritten film, it’s a story within an record, a story that will infuse with the memories of the video games and  films that its audience has engrossed themselves in.

Its a mix of hard hitting beats, distinct synth sounds from a bygone era and dramatic overtones. You can connect some of the sounds to that made by fellow French DJ’s Daft Punk and Justice but all together this is a highly unique  album.

Kavinsky – OutRun (Album)

Febuary 25th

Record Makers 

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