So far Klingande have released two beautiful tracks that contain so much soul and good vibes that they are irresistible to everyone who enjoys house music. Klimgande are formed from two French students, only “officially” started in December of last year and they have already racked up nearly 4000 Likes on Facebook and have had a combined 200,000 plays between the two tracks on soundcloud. These guys are big news.

Both tracks that have been released, Jubel and Punga, are upbeat tracks that you can put on and chill out to, or, as they proved at their first gig in Altigliss, get a crowd jumping. The main characteristic of the two tracks is a soulful saxophone that really makes the track, Klingande do really well to incorporated it into their smooth house music. The layers of sound used mesh together very naturally; the light guitar riff in Jubel thats not uncommon to Trance and the simple piano tunes all topped off the saxophone.

Their are a few things that could be worked on, the end of  the two tracks just don’t seem right, and the sound in the brakes seems slightly too bare but for two first tracks by two young DJs I’m picking at straws.

Klingade are are definitely a band for the future.

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