Me Moods 2013

Dark, jazzy, atmospheric, Triphop .

Mr Moods has been one of the busiest DJ’s around this year, certainly one of the busiest of February having released 3 albums! The Canadian “Beatmaker” who has had a none stop flow of releases in the past few years is on top of his experimental game.

In January Mr Moods released Promenades nocturnes. An EP made in collaboration with Erik Jackson. The EP has a very chilled out jazzy sound anchored by double bass and brought to life by catchy trumpet and Piano tunes. My favorite song of the EP is Je glisse lentement, it has the most electronic sound but it has an epic feel about it. The bass, trumpet and piano sounds of the EP remain but its more upbeat and the touch of strings and record scratching add that little bit extra.

On February 4th Mr Moods released Psychokiller of melodies, the darkest of his releases of the year so far. Some of the tracks on the album are dramatic and nightmarish, others are like being in an uncomfortable daze. February 23rd saw another gloomy release by the Canadian, Black and amber made in collaboration with Lr-60. This one was the simplest of the three, a raw sound with a slow jam. In the middle was my favorite album That old feeling, a higher, sexier sound that has an intended romantic French element. The best song in my opinion is He’s the coldest man i know, cool, sophisticated, jazzy triphop. The amount of different sounds and vibes that stride out of this album really sets it apart, it portrays cool in 8 different ways.

Mr Moods makes experimental music on a level with DJ’s such a Mr Scruff and this year he can’t stop!

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