Mistabishi – Safari EP

A contamination of Dirty beats oozing into your mind, temporally making you someone … worse.

Safari is London based DJ Mistabishi’s grimy new EP. Something taken from the darkest corners of London clubs in a experimental grasp of dirty sounds and slow drum & bass.

Safari is a musical depiction of the not so welcoming side of Africa. It plants you, with gritted teeth, in the middle of a place you wouldn’t want to be, but its worth a visit through music.

If this EP is anything, its alive. The beat is a slow heart beat, the skin-drum is its blood flow, their are several moans that drop from its vocal cords and everything else, its mean intentions.

Their have been many albums that take you to Africa, not many that take you to this side of the continent.

Mistabishi – Safari EP

Febuary 25nd

NOH Music

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