Pomrad – This Day EP

Funky, techno insanity.

It’s a rare occurrence for a tune to stop you dead in your tracks and immediately grab your attention. Every track on this EP by Belgian DJ Pomrad has the ability to do exactly that.

So their I was casually meandering through some new releases, my guard was down as their was nothing that special, then I came across Smooth & Silke, a tack that immediately tantalized my seances and injected me with a crazy, funky beat.

What is that! I go in search for more songs on the EP and find previews of each track, play the one minuet teaser of track one, Pomslap and it has the same open mouth effect. Now I’m hooked and I cannot wait for the release on April 15th.

Groovy rhythms, old skool keyboard sounds, funky guitar slaps. If this EP cannot put a hop in your step and smile of your face their can’t be much that does. Every sound bounces off each other in such a sophisticated yet childish way. Even when things get a little crazy when Smooth & Silke kicks in, everything is were it is meant to be.

The up-and-coming DJ has just signed with London based label Earnest Endeavours so hopefully were be hearing much more noise from Pomrad in the not so distant future.

Pomrad – This Day EP

April 15th

Earnest Endeavours

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