Rustie – Slasherr/Triadzz

Big, high and powerful.

What would it feel like to be slapped in the face by a rainbow? Listen to the drop in these two gems and you may feel a little closer to finding out.

Rustie is back with two big tracks, Triadzz and Slasherr, two tracks with a canvas of colours and good vibes. Triadzz warms everything up with a childish, bouncy start before introducing you to the awesome sound that makes these two tracks. After raising you to an almost heavenly level the song drops into an unexpected dirty bass. What happens next is the music equivalent of a light spectrum prism. You see the simple white light go in and out comes a spectrum of sound.

Slasherr takes this spectrum of sound and just punches you in the face with it (In a good way). From the off this track puts you on a high and never lets you down, even in the brake the sound is upbeat and either side you are riding on a flood of good vibes. Rustie only fully exposes you to the full force of the sound twice, anymore and the music may blind you.

This is sound that will leave you wide eyed, let it blow you away.

Rustie – Slasherr/TriadzzMarch 18th


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