Yellow Claw – Amsterdam Trap Music

None – Stop – Trap – Music

Taking the latest sounds echoing out the clubs, injecting them with some ferocity and rampaging them through Dutch streets. Amsterdam Trap Music.

This EP from MAD DECENT’s Yellow Claw fires their high velocity sounds through your speakers and straight into your mind. Many of the sounds, drums and tones they use have derived from tracks that I personally don’t like. Its taken Yellow Claw to grab them and “Throw them off a cliff” to smash them into something worth while.

The first two tracks of the EP, Kalao and W.O.L.F drill their siren-esk sounds, tamed by loose beats right through your skull. Kalao despite the unnatural sounds has a tribal element to it, while W.O.L.F is like the soundtrack to chaos.

In The Morning is the tamest song of the album and the last tack 21 Bad Bitchesis a disappointing end. Compared to the first two tracks 21 Bad Bitches doesn’t end with a bang or show of sophistication, it falls flat.

However, if you played the first two tracks on this EP full blast, your ears will still be ringing and your miss the frailty’s of the end.

Yellow Claw – Amsterdam Trap Music EP

March 7th


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