Black Pistol Fire – Big Beat ’59. RD 14/8/2012

Big Beat ’59 is the toe tapping new album by Black Pistol Fire. Pushing together the kind of Amazing riffs you hear from the Black Keys with the fun dirty electric guitar sound of Sea Sick Steve, everyone who manages not to break out into some air guitar will not help but head nod and toe tap along.

This is the Canadian Rock duo’s second album in as many years. With the sound they create it is not surprising the duo, Kevin Mckneown and Eric Owen, settled in Austin, Texas in 2009. They are the kind of band who could smash into the mainstream at any time so be prepared.

This is an album for real music lovers, every song has a riff that would not sound out place coming from the guitars of some of the greatest guitarists of the past 40 years. The sound they create is the kind of rustic unmistakably American sound that recent great bands have come across the pond with.Image

Its one of those albums that has so many reasons for you to listen to it from start to finish, one being its the kind of album were any of the songs could be a single, every song lives up to the high standard the song before sets. Another reason is that it has a bit of everything. There are sounds created that you can relate to bands from Wolf Mother to The Kings of Leon and amazingly it all fits. Kevin McKeowns singing style meshes perfectly with his guitar riffs and Eric Owens aggressive drumming.

Black Pistol Fire draw obvious similarities with the Black Keys, not only because of the fact they are a duo but also their similar music style however that cannot be a bad thing, just look at how much worldwide success the black keys have had. To do what the Black keys do takes talent and by jove do these lads have talent.