Money! Musics greatest enemy.

I’m in a bit of a bad temperament; this is a spiel that reflects my current mood. Enjoy.

Money, the shit that our life is orchestrated around, it effects every aspect of our lives and in the times we currently find ourselves “living” in, it’s getting harder and harder to find. Not only has nobody got any money but the things that make people happy, that make life an effort worth crawling through are the most ridiculously priced things you can buy.

So money is fucking everything up more than it has in times gone by what’s my point? Well this blog has not just turned into an obscure version of the financial times, don’t worry. My point is that being a music fan is getting harder; the current financial and social climate is deconstructing the warm musical core that the UK has always held so dear.

One of the main casualties of modern times is the good friend of music, the pub.  Pubs are ready made crowds of people prepared to have a good time and listen to some good music, which is also why they are the place where most bands start off. In the year n half I have been at university, two clubs that hosted some grate DJ’s have closed. Another has just turned into a restaurant and a pub that had bands playing every Friday is changing owners. Up and down the UK pubs are closing and taking with them the chance for young bands to show their stuff. Maybe just as important, it is a place where people can gather, listen and talk about new music, share and spread the word. This my friends, is being lost.


But, I hear everyone cry, we are living in the time of the internet! Were an infinite amount of music is accessible by the tap of a key board. I agree that the internet is an ally to the music fan; it is the tool I have used to discover all new music in recent years. But unfortunately there is a ying to the Internets yang. Dads across the country have mourned the death of vinyl ever since its demise all those years ago, the artwork, the collection and the unique sound. Some of these qualities were passed down to the CD, the booklets, posters and art.We are soon to loose even this to the ruthless ways of the internet, the way ITUNES and Spotify has suffocated high street music shops is making the CD a rare commodity.

The WWW has also created the vast criminal activity of illegal downloads, so now you can nick a few years of work from an artist without giving them a penny. Thus making a bands only profit come in the form of a live gig and therefore making gigs more expensive; too expensive for students like me.

So yes, the life of music fan is expensive, a few more obvious queries to list: Festivals – Ridiculous money. Instruments and musical equipment – Outrageous money. Alcohol (Chosen beverage of gig goer) – Too expensive

This concludes my angry moan about money and music, come back another time for a more light heated post.